Mission & Strategy

Mission & Strategy

Greening Greenfield is a group of concerned citizens working with residents, businesses, and town government.

MISSION: We use the concept of "greening" as the economic and inspirational guiding force to build a more sustainable Greenfield so that current and future generations can sustain and enjoy life in this beautiful, abundant valley.

THE CHALLENGE: Locally, we are faced with challenges of high energy and food costs, loss of farmland and jobs, poor air quality, and extreme weather events. These are caused by human activities, both locally and worldwide, that are depleting our natural resources, sending our jobs overseas, and creating air pollution and climate change.

OUR SOLUTION: Build a more vital and resilient Greenfield by moving toward sustainability as defined as follows:

Sustainability is a system of thinking that strives to meet present economic, social, and environmental needs without compromising future generation's ability to meet their own needs. Brundtland Commission, 1987


Collaborate with individuals, groups, businesses, and town government. Hold workshops and films for cooperative learning, and collective visioning, and use the media to share ideas and Green Hero stories to make ‘greening’ the new social norm.

Improve Greenfield’s economy by reducing our need for costly and polluting fossil fuels through the 10% Challenge, and support creating clean, local, and renewable energy to meet our needs. This supports our state’s commitment to Green Communities and Global Warming Solutions.

Support local businesses and quality food by encouraging sustainable land use and agriculture, green businesses, jobs and manufacturing.

Foster healthy and equitable lifestyles by promoting energy efficient housing, natural resource preservation, and quality education, health care, arts, entertainment, parks and recreation.

Advocate for local, regional, state and federal policies that support our sustainable vision.

We aim to keep Greenfield a great place to live

MORE on our Approach

URGENCY – There is an urgency to find new ways of living on our plant Earth. But we understand that we are charting new territory, and that change is often difficult. We therefore need to be patient but persistent; keep our eyes open for new opportunities and “unintended consequences;” and adjust our strategy often so that we reach our ultimate goal of sustainability.

SOLUTIONS BASED – We will seek out and promote solutions that have economic, social, political and environmental benefits for our community while also meeting guiding principles of sustainability.

COLLABORATION – We will seek out and form partnerships with residents, businesses and existing groups working toward our common vision. (I.e. Town Government, CDC, Just Roots, CISA, Greenfield Tree Committee, etc.). We will shine a light on all “greening” efforts in the community.

ETHICAL PROCESS – Communications and decisions are transparent (open, clear, easily understood) built on mutual respect, honesty, and trust.