Greenfield group organizes free water bottle filling downtown

July 22, 2016 article in the Recorder

Getting thirsty while downtown?

Greenfield group organizes free water bottle filling

at several businesses


Recorder Staff

GREENFIELD — A local organization wants to make

people think twice about drinking out of disposable

plastic water bottles. Greenfield Rights of Nature,

which led an initiative to ban plastic bottles, bags and

styrofoam takeout containers last November, has gotten local

businesses and town offices on board to help provide

downtown visitors with an alternative to the single-use


Sixteen merchants on or near Main Street, as well

as the library, Town Hall, town administrative offices

and the Chamber of Commerce have volunteered to

provide people with access to free drinking water.

Although the two proposed plastic bans did not pass last

fall, the group has continued to work toward eliminating

plastic from the waste cycle.

“What we’re trying to do is provide them with an alternative,

which is carry their own reusable refillable water bottle

and know where in downtown Greenfield they can refill

it when they’re shopping,” said Rights of Nature member

Sandra Boston. “We hope that will motivate people to

think twice about using plastic and then throwing it away. ”

She said the locations will make water accessible either

through a bathroom or by putting a water bubbler out in

their shopping area or lobby. Greenfield Rights of Nature

will officially launch the campaign during Saturday’s

farmers market. Members will be handing out the

“Greenfield Tap Map” — an idea borrowed from Concord,

Mass., which was successful in banning single-use plastic

bottles by making drinking water accessible.

“We expect it to have a learning curve, that people

have to become familiar with this idea,” Boston said.

“We ’re going to give a little pitcher for each of the merchants

to put in their front window so shoppers walking

by will see a little sign saying, ‘Refill your water bottle


Boston said the group is hoping that the idea will catch

on and more businesses will join in. She said it’s a subcampaign

under the group’s larger campaign to completely

eliminate plastic from the waste cycle.

“We want Greenfield to be a leader in a post-carbon

lifestyle —that’s where we’re going,” she said. “How do we

learn to live without plastic at our fingertips every minute of

the day?”

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