Greenfield Energy Audit

Greenfield Energy Audit

“if you cannot measure it, you cannot control it”

To develop a sustainability PLAN and IMPLEMENT it, the first step is to asses where we are, and then explore what is possible, make a plan, measure our progress, and update our plan as needed, so that we can reach our ultimate goal of sustainability.

As a first step in creating a plan to cut climate change emissions, we wanted to asses our energy use – the greatest source of climate change emissions. Equally important, our dependence on fossil fuels has made us vulnerable to energy interruptions, and it is draining financial resources from our community.

In 2007 Greenfield joined ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection Program to assess our energy use. ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, is an international organization, connected with the United Nations. They offer guidance and software to help towns measure the energy that we all use in our communities. Click here to see Greenfield’s 10 Step process – and where we are in that process.To find out more about ICLEI and its many programs, go to For example, in 2010 they published the Sustainable Planning Tool Kit. And more resources are coming soon.

Key Findings of Greenfield Energy Audit:

The most startling finding was that in FY2008, our community as a whole spent over $86 million on energy, for lighting, heating and transportation.  $68 million of those dollars left our community! Read more by clicking above or below.

Greenfield Energy Audit – Executive Summary, 6 pages download PDF

Greenfield Energy Audit – June 2009, 57 pages + 55pg Appendix
download PDF (9MB)

Chapter by Chapter: Greenfield Energy Audit

Table of Contents

Credits and Acknowledgements

Our Vision


  1. Introduction download PDF

  2. Inventory Methodolgy – What we did download PDF

  3. Government Energy Audit FY01 & FY08 & Appendix 2 download PDF

  4. Community-Wide Energy Audit FY01 & FY08 & Appendix 3 download PDF

  5. Greenfield/ICLEI step #5: Setting Goals download PDF

  6. Greenfield/ICLEI Step #6: Assessing our Options and Setting Milestones download PDF

  7. Measuring Our Progress Toward Sustainability download PDF

  8. Conclusions download PDF

Appendix: Greenfield Energy Audit

  1. Mayoral Resolution to join ICLEI, February 2008 download PDF

  2. Government Energy Audit Charts download PDF

  3. Community-wide Energy Audit Charts  & Fuels Tutorial download PDF

  4. Annual Energy Report to Mayor from DPW, August, 2008 download PDF

  5. Resources for residents (Note: see Taking Personal ActionMore Good Stuff for most up-to-date resources) download PDF

  6. Existing and Potential Renewable Energy Resources download PDF