Next Steps

Next Steps

In 2013-2014 Everyone in Greenfield was invited to participating in writing a Sustainability Master Plan.

Sustainable Greenfield was published in January 2015

The Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee was then created to ensure that our dreams become reality! Check out progress reports written every 6-months.


BACKGROUND: Master Planning

 In Massachusetts, towns are required to have Master Plan no more than 10 years old to receive state grants. Greenfield’s Master Plan was written in 2001, so we needed to update our plan. 

What is a Master Plan?

What is the process of creating or updating a Master Plan?

In Greenfield, the Planning Board takes the lead on Master Planning.

Their efforts are supported by the Planning Department. The Planning Department’s web site has posted the 2001 Greenfield Master Plan, as well a several other more recent documents, such as the 2008 Greenfield Community Development Strategy that will also be helpful in the planning process. To find Greenfield’s planning documents click on the “publications” link and look for Planning Documents heading.  The planning Department site also has a link to the Greenfield Redevelopment Authority, which has a document posted called the 2006 Bank Row Urban Renewal Plan, which is critically important to the planning process. Another useful document was written in 2008 for the Community Development Block Grant Program called Greenfield Community Economic Development Strategy. 

Plans & Planning Process in Other Towns

Sustainable Northampton, 2008 (download PDF)

Amherst, MA is in the process of writing a new Master Plan, with Sustainability as a key focus. Follow this link to find a draft of their master plan, and their process.

Keene, NH joined ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection in 2000. You can find their Climate Action Plan here. In May 2008 they launched a master planning process. You can see their process, and “bright ideas” collected to date. Here is another interesting section of their web.

Easthampton, MA kicked off their Master Planning process in 2007. They brought in a series of speakers, did a survey and much more. You can see their vision statement, planning process and draft Master Plan on the Easthampton Master Plan Web site.

New York City launched PlaNYC, its Master Planning process, in 2006. Click on “Plan” to see their 10 goals and more.

Tools to help communities develop plans that lead toward sustainability.

Sustainability Planning Tool Kit, published by ICLEI, 2010

STAR program. STAR =Sustainability Tools for Assessing & Rating Comunities

STAR Community Goals & Guiding Principals  - 2011


STAR Community Rating System - Version 1, 2012


Other useful documents RE Energy & Sustainability planning


1979 Franklin County Energy Study, click here.


2008 Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Plan


Franklin County Sustainability Plan

Hampshire & Hamden County Sustainability Plan