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Do you want Green Electricity? If you live in Greenfield, you already have it!! In 2015, the Town of Greenfield created Greenfield Light & Power (GL&P), so that everyone in Greenfield can have electricty made from wind, solar, and hydro, all of which do not emit climate change gases. If you live in Greenfield, you receive GL&P's green electricity, unless you opt out. If you want to support the growth of more LOCAL green electricity consider also joining a Community-Shared Solar project, or installing PV on your home or building.


Renters, Homeowners & Landlords: 

Invest in Solar Electricity aka Photovolatics (PV) on your Home or Building - In 2016 MA created a NEW Mass Solar Loan Program that makes it possible for homeowners to purchase a PV system with NO downpayment, and rebates of 20-30% if income eligible! You can also rent your roof to a 3rd party, but you can save a lot more $$ if you buy your system. If you do decide to go with a 3rd party (often know as a Purchse Power Agreement (PPA), read the agreement carefully. You could actually loose money!

Join a Community-Shared Solar Project - If you rent, or own a home that is not good for solar, you can help build LOCAL solar projects and get your electricity from them! These are larger solar arrays which can be on large buildings, on old landfills, above parking lots, or on marginal land that serve a large number of people. There are two ways of getting involved. 1) Sign up and start saving. As of 2017, most companies are offering no-cost up-front, and a monthy rebate of 10% on your electric bill. 2) Ownership model. In this case you help the developer by investing in the system up front. You can defray all expenses using the Mass Solar Loan Program but it is more complicated. Your electric bill may not go down in the first 7-10 years, but after that you will start saving big time as your solar electricity will be free!

How to Find $$ to do a Home Energy Upgrade - Money is ususally the obstacle to making energy upgrades to your home. As of Oct 2011, Greenfield has a new program to help everyone find the right FREE $ or low interest loan called Energy Smart Homes, to help you assess the many options that ourutiltiy company (Eversource) offers such as FREE energy assessments and rebates and 0% interst loans from $2,000 to $35,000 per home or for each apartment in 1-4 family homes. To find out more call Greenfield's Energy & Sustainability office at 772-1389, or check out their web page, or you can go directly the utility company at Mass Save

Make a Winsert - an Insider Storm Window. Windows are often leaky and drafty, but buying new windows is expensive and likely not the the most cost effective thing you can do - but adding an insider storm window is! click here for instructions, a video and more.

Understand Your Home & Calculate its "MPG". Use our quick energy analysis tool calculate the "mpg" of your home, see how your home compares to others, and the potential you have to reduce your heating and electricity costs. You can also use this excel spreadsheet to analyze emissions from your car.

Suggested Reading about the climate change crisis and solutions. (out of date..but still good stuff!)

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