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*$2000 rebates! And FREE energy audits& air sealing!! Get a home energy audit through Mass Save to see exactly how energy efficient your home is. It’s FREE! Then cut your energy use and save $ and be more comfortable. Mass Save will pay 75% of the cost of insulating your home, up to $2000 and they offer 0% interest loans up to $15,000 for additional energy-saving work. Renters can also request an audit as long as landlord signs off, and $2000 is available for EACH rental unit if the building you live in has 4 or less rental units. See link on the right column or call 866-527-7283.

Calculate your “carbon footprint” Go to the New England Carbon Challenge link in the right column to calculate your carbon footprint. It is fun and you may find more ways to save energy, save money and decrease your carbon footprint, too! Tell them you are from Greenfield, and help us put Greenfield on the map!

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