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100% Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuel Free – (5/20/2018 proposed resolution for Greenfield City Council’s consideration. Hopefully on June 20 Council agenda.) 

Panel: ‘Moving toward a Fossil Fuel Free Future.’ Eric Twarog and Carole Collins to talk (5/14/2018 Recorder)

California Just Became First State to Mandate Solar Panels on New Homes (5/9/2018 InsideClimate News) 

Why Weakening Fuel Efficiency Standards Could Be Trump's Most Climate-Damaging Move Yet (5/2/2018 InsideClimate News)

Four Rivers students tout civic engagement (5/5/2018 Recorder, by Joshua Solomon)

Report on A Better World Day. In addition to 4 Rivers students, Mahar, NMH, Springfield public school students and more attended. Greening Greenfield co-sponsored.

Between the Rows: Greenfield Energy Park a true community effort (5/5/2018 Recorder by Pat Leuchtman)

To See Offshore Wind Energy’s Future, Look on Shore – in Massachusetts (4/9/2018 InsideClimate News) 

EcoLiving Workshops at Just Roots Festival

ggec-logo-60Sun June 24, 9:30 am – 5pm GG’s EcoLiving workshops at Just Roots Spring Farm Fest featuring local food & beer, farm tours, live music, spring starts for sale, square dance and more! More click on title 

Greening Greenfield Business Meeting

ggec-logo-60Wed, June 13, 6:30-9:00pm. NEXT Business Meeting - click on title for more

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10% Challenge

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In 2008 Greenfield's residents, town government and businesses spent $86 million to heat and light our our homes and businesses and drive our cars. And of that, $67 million left our community to pay for gasoline, electricity, and heating fuels. That is about $4500 for every man, woman and child who lives in our town. You can save money and, in the process, help solve global warming by joining the Greenfield 10% Challenge.

When you take the challenge you receive a beautiful “lawn sign,” and an energy tip each month, or you can receive a mug!

Give us less than 15 minutes of your time and we’ll show you simple ways to save money and save the planet, too.

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