This Financial Statement is intended as a general summary to allow contributors and members of the community to see how funds are raised and expended. Greening Greenfield (GG) works with the Franklin County Community Development Corporation (FCCDC) as its fiscal sponsor, and through them has 501(c)3 status, allowing all donations to be tax deductible contributions.  A Memorandum of Understanding, renewed periodically, and as voted by the FCCDC, defines the GG / FCCDC relationship, where most services are provided at no cost except that FCCDC receives 10% of any major grants as an administrative fee. 

Greening Greenfield is committed to a loose organizational structure that rotates standard duties of Facilitator, Note-taker, Timekeeper, and now Zoom Host through different members at different meetings.  The only official "officers" in the so-called "Core Group" of those who regularly attend the Monthly Meetings, are Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.  For the 2021/2022 Fiscal Year, the Treasurer was Peg Hall, and Assistant Treasurer was Carol Letson.  They retain those offices for the 2022/23 Fiscal Year.  More detailed financial records are available from the Treasurer upon request, using the contact information at the bottom of each webpage. 


Total Income/Revenue from all sources: $13,279, almost all of which was from donations to the General Fund by individuals.

Total Expenditures: $10,771.90

Major Expenditures, rounded:

  • Advertising: $800  Also counts as support to Recorder
  •  "Bank" Fees: $75  for accepting online donations
  • Communications: $1,800  Mostly website support, tech support, and Zoom fees.
  • Fiscal Sponsor: $350  10% of grants
  • Insurance: $550
  • Retreat: $600 food and site rental
  • Film rental:  $150
  • Pollinators:  $1,100  for plantings, supplies, and speaker's fees
  • Skate Park: $1,000 toward native/pollinator landscaping fund
  • Theater Projects:  $1,800 for Climate Change Action Theater, and documenting Compost Cooperative Housing project
  • Youth, High School:  $200 film fest award
  • Youth, Middle School Garden: $2,200  plants, equipment & supplies, soil products, shelving, window boxes, bus for field trip
  • Youth, Middle School Trout raising: $200


Our Fundraising Goal for the 2022/23 Fiscal Year is $13,000.

Our projected budget, if all projects happen and cost the maximum we think they might, is $29,370, for a potential drawdown of reserve funds of $16,370.  It is our policy to budget more than is likely to be spent, in a fashion that allows for generous contingencies, while keeping our reserves at a healthy balance of at least one year's typical expenditures.










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