We invite you to learn with us -- and make a difference!

Let's make beautiful home landscapes for birds, butterflies, and ourselves! 

Learn how to choose plants that make our planet healthier and more habitable.

Together we can make Franklin County more beautiful and biodiverse !



   1)  Learn Why the 70% challenge and what you can do.

   2)  LISTS to help you make good decisions Plant native plants! 

   3)  Let's keep our pollinators healthy . . .
        No neonics:  Ask Before You Buy
        Where to BUY native plants - neonic-free! 

   4)  More Resources . . .
         Lawn Care for Pollinators
ur favorite Books and Articles
         Sink Carbon in Your Garden to address climate change
Organizations that Support Pollinators
         GG's past and future pollinator events

5) Video...Dr. Desiree Narango talks about how she discovered that chickadees need at least 70% of our landscapes to be plants native to  our area. (1hr. video)  Watch video about Chickadees


Join and learn with us - Volunteer in a Greefield pollinator garden - Go to our Planting for Pollinators page 


 Help build Doug Tallamy's vision of a

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one yard and one community at a time.



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