Climate and biodiversity crises are real and are scary!

Massachusetts is on the right track but to achieve the goals, we must support it with individual actions. These actions do not involve self-sacrifice. In fact, they will save money, create jobs, and make our state more beautiful.

1.  Support nature
MA’s Climate Action Plan relies on nature to reduce our annual carbon emission by 20% each year. Nature also supports all life on earth including us humans.

2.  Decarbonize everything -- and save money
Decarbonization calls us to use less, be more efficient, and stop using fossil fuels by switching to electricity that is made from zero-carbon renewable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and water and more.

3.  Speak up -- Be active 
Find your passion or conviction and be active on a local, regional, state, and/or federal level.

  • Advocate and educate
  • Volunteer
  • Vote   

Climate page graphicEVERYTHING IS CONNECTED 

Our actions will have many benefits such as:

Creating new good-paying jobs
Keeping our energy dollars in our pockets and in our community
Improving our air quality and water quality and supporting all living things

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