We hold 4 - 6 seasonally-appropriate events each year.  Watch this space for those being planned, as well as past events - power point presentations, handouts and more!


Videos to enjoy while we are sequestered...

The video of Dr. Desiree Narango's talk on chickadees, is very similar to the one given to Greening Greenfield last fall. 

Her talk is followed by 2 talks by Dr. Doug Tallamy, her thesis professor and author of Bringing Nature Home, and Nature's Best Hope, A new approach to conservation that starts in your yard. 

The videos talk about what scientists have learned about the relationships of plants, moths, butterflies, and birds, bees and more, and make the case that over 70% of the vegetation in our yards should be native trees, shrubs, and flowers to enable the critters we live with thrive.


How to Attract Pollinators and Songbirds to your Neighborhood 

The Chickadee's Guide to Gardening:  Why Native Plants Matter to Songbirds



Past Events 

Gardening For Wildlife: Why Native Plants Matter To Pollinators & Songbirds - Dr. Desiree L. Narango, research scientist talks about her latest findings on what to plant to bring pollinators and birds to your community. March 2020

VIDEO of Talk

Slide Set


A retreat weekend co-sponsored by and held at Woolman Hill, Deerfield. March 2020
How to Design Native Habitats, for pollinators, people, and the Planet - Dr. Desiree L. Narango, research scientist; Connor Stedman,  ecological designer, Ted Watt, naturalist. Hear from experts, work collaboratively on design projects, and enjoy the beautiful natural setting of Woolman Hill. . .  

News release

Trees and their Roles in the Lives of Native Bees – Joan Milam, UMass Amherst research scientist talks about her research on native bees. Held in collaboration with Greenfield Tree Committee, Feb 2020.


Fall Gardening for Pollinators, Helping Bees & Butterflies Survive Winter  Larri Cochran, Western MA Pollinators Network, will talk about putting a native garden to bed for the winter in a way that supports pollinators, Oct 2019

Powerpoint Presentation

HAND-OUTS:  Bumble Bee Species Native Plant List, August 2019 2019 Pesticide Free Sources of Seeds and Plants


Fall Planting of Native Trees and Shrubs - Steve Jackson, Native Plant Trust/Nasami Farm, talks about planting in the fall - especially native trees and shrubs, September 2019.


Gardening for Wildlife: Why Native Plants Matter to Songbirds - Desiree L Narango, Urban Wildlife Ecologist,  June 12, 2019.                                

Power Point presentation


A Pollinator Corridor for Greenfield? - Tom Sullivan, Pollinators Now!  April 20, 2019.


Pollinators:  Silent Spring, and Rachel Carson's Legacy - Pat Hynes, Director Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, March 14, 2019.


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