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The Greenfield 10% Challenge - Click here to sign up!

The total amount of money that Greenfield’s businesses, residents, and Town government to run our businesses, heat our homes, drive our cars was $86 million in FY08. Of that, $67 million left our community to pay for the fuel. Only $22 million stayed in our community to pay for the business end of things such as billings, and maintenance of infrastructure such as wires and pipes. Reducing the amount we pay for energy would improve Greenfield’s economy, and at the same time, it would improve our health and cut climate change emissions! Please build our community by joining the Greenfield 10% Challengeand help us reach our goal of engaging 10% of the businesses and residents in reducing their energy use by 10% by the end of 2010.

When you take the challenge you receive a beautiful “lawn sign,” and a tip each month.

News releases will be written about businesses taking the Challenge – and your successes!



Following are Some Ideas of How you can Meet the challenge…click here for a printable version.

Prominently display a Greenfield 10% Challenge sign at your business.

Let people know you are “green,” and raise awareness about the program.

Consider volunteering an hour a month and work with the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee, creator of the 10% Challenge, and the Greenfield Business Association, partner of the program, to think of creative ways to may the Challenge fun, and to find and advertise resources that would enable businesses to take action.

Helps raise awareness of the program and improves the Town’s economy, and helps us take the first step in reaching the goals set by the Mayor n 2008 to have zero energy dollar leave the region by 2050, and to cut climate change emissions by 80% by 2050.

Look at the 10% Challenge Simple Things You Can Do to cut your personal energy costs, and encourage your employees to join the 10% Challenge (see separate sign-up sheet for residents, and what they can do)

You feel good about helping your employees save money.

Encourage your customers to join the Greenfield 10% Challenge (see separate sign-up sheet for residents, and what they can do)

You feel good about helping your customers save money.

Attend a workshop on how to “green” your business and save money.

A few hours of your time, and you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Consider joining a friendly competition between Greenfield businesses, or consider creating your own competition with a similarly-sized business in the area, or among your employees.

You save money and may get an award to say so.

If you do not own the building that your business is housed in, but you pay for heat – In the winter – set your thermostat 65-68 degrees F during the day and lower it to 55-58 during non-business hours.

You can cut your heating bill by 5-15%.

If you do not own the building that your business is housed in, but you pay for air conditioning in summer – set your thermostat at 75-78 degrees F during the day and shut it off at night.

You can cut your heating bill by 5-15%.

If you do not own the building that your business is housed in, and you pay electric bills for lights etc, get a WMECO energy audit for FREE, and upgrade your lighting systems including the bulbs, occupancy sensors and more.

You can cut your electric bill by 10-30%.

If your business owns a building, contract for an energy audit, assess your energy use, consider renewables, find the funding and make and implement your plan. The DOER has a great web page on steps and resources including links to WMECO and more.

You can save 10-80% on your utility bills.

I will buy and use a programmable thermostat.

A $30 investment can save 10-15%.

If your business uses electricity or gas to manufacture a product, have an assessment of all the equipment you have, and implement the economically viable.

You can save 5-35% on your utility bills.

If you use decorative lighting during holidays, use LED lights

Save on your electric bills

If your business uses cars and/or trucks, ensure that employees drive the speed limit. When purchasing new vehicles, buy the most fuel efficient vehicle that can do the job.

Save 5-50% on gasoline and diesel costs.

Driving 55 mph instead of 75 mph will save up to 30% in fuel costs.

Computers and appliances – use a power strip and turn of at the computer AND on power strip to avoid phantom losses.

Phantom loads are responsible for 15% of US electricity consumption.

Assess and update your purchasing policies: purchase locally, purchase energy efficient computers and appliances, purchase paper products with recycled content, use washable instead of disposable etc.

Save on shipping. Cut energy use of appliances. Recycled paper requires 64% less energy and 58% less water, and saves trees.

Assess your waste management policies – recycle everything possible – paper – food – computers etc.

Save money on trash, keep toxics out of land fills, save trees etc.

Water: Install waterless urinals, aerators and automatic-off faucets, and asses other water use.

Save on water bill and on water heating.

Landscaping: Use plants that do not need watering or mowing.

Save water and money.

Offer garden space to your employees.

Good will & help employees save $$.

If your business involves food, or you hold functions, buy local.

Save on transportation & support locals.

If you business involves laundering, use efficient appliances, clean in cold water, do not use bleach.

Save water, save $ for heating water, reduce toxics in our waste stream.

If your business uses bags, offer cloth bags for sale, and ask the customer if they want a bag – do not assume that they do!

Cut cost of purchasing bags.

If you live in Greenfield – join and get a sign for your home.

Save money on energy use.

Work with GGEC and GBA to grow the 10% Challenge.

Personal satisfaction.

Check out 10% Challenge section of our web site for links to DOER guidance, WMECO offerings and more.

Learn more about ways to save.

Take The 10% Challenge