ggec-logo-60Sun June 24, 9:30 am – 5pm GG’s EcoLiving workshops at Just Roots Spring Farm Fest featuring local food & beer, farm tours, live music, spring starts for sale, square dance and more! More click on title 

Just Roots Farm Fest: 34 Glenbrook Drive, off Leyden Rd, Greenfield

10am - Choosing Your Next Car – Green Car Owners Tell All!   Are you thinking about buying a new or used car that costs less to run, or is gentler to the environment and the wave of the future? Come hear what green car owners have to say about their hybrid Toyota Prius, plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt, or Tesla and Chevy Bolt electric vehicle, and how it compares to manufacturers claims. Moderated by Steve Kurkoski, green car fan, this will be a humorous interactive workshop that also includes tips on how to lease, buy new or used, take-home handout, and a trip to the parking lot to kick the tires!

11am - Using Urine as Fertilizer    Every day we each flush away enough nutrients to grow the amount of wheat needed for a loaf of bread. Additionally, when nitrogen rich urine goes into our waterways it becomes a source of pollution leading to degradation in water quality. Kim Nice will show how the Rich Earth Institute is collecting, transporting, treating, and applying urine-derived fertilizer for agriculture. The Rich Earth Institute is a non-profit organization engaging in research, education, and technological innovation to advance the use of human waste as a resource in order to conserve water, prevent pollution, and sustain soil fertility.  

12 noon - 100% Renewables for All- it’s possible!   Nancy Hazard, retired director of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), and Sally Pick of SJP Environmental Consulting, LLC, will talk about the economic advantages of moving toward 100% Renewable Energy, and what each of us can do to reap the financial advantages and support the effort! Nancy will talk about the big picture, what Greenfield has done, and community-shared solar for all, while Sally will dive into the details of where to find information and money to take action.  

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Note: There is a sliding scale entrance fee to the Festival


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