Greenfield, and the region as a whole, has a rich history of fostering our local economy. This effort was strengthened in 2009 when Mayor Forgey set the long term 2050 goal of keeping all our energy dollars in the region. As noted in the Greenfield Energy Audit, in FY2008, $67 million left our community to pay for the energy we used! Keeping these millions of dollars in the region, and in our pockets, would go a long way to building the local economy.

There are a number of unique organizations in Greenfield and the region that foster green businesses, and green economic development.

Franklin County Community Development Corporation (CDC) has a unique mission for a CDC, with a focus on building sustainable businesses, and a history of success. The CDC is Greening Greenfield’s umbrella organization, and in this way supports our efforts.

Greenfield Business Association is a partner of our Greenfield 10% Challenge, supporter of all Greenfield businesses, and supports a local currency called the Greenfield Dollar.

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
supports businesses, tourism and more regionally. In 2008-2009 their theme was sustainability.

Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)
is creator of the “local hero” campaign. This campaign, which promotes local food on all levels, has received many awards and is being replicated by many communities!

Pioneer Valley Local First is a chapter of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). Their aim is to “encourage Pioneer Valley citizens, community organizations, businesses and town governments to Think Local First. We are committed to finding ways to meet our community’s energy, food, housing, transportation, and other needs in ways that are both environmentally and locally intelligent.” Their list of member businesses is very impressive!

Please send us information on other organizations you think should be on this page.

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