are the topics of a free Saturday afternoon event at the John Zon Community Center, 35 Pleasant Street. Greenfield, MA. Please join for the entire afternoon event or  join us for just one of the talks.

Ted Watt, Naturalist at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst, will present both talks.

“I am drawn to our winter birds,” said Ted, Greenfield resident. “Their beauty and colors, during our spare season of greys, browns and whites, gives me hope to carry me through the dark times. Each species is unique and interesting in the ways they have solved the problems of survival during the cold and darkness."

Ted will kick off the afternoon at with a 1 pm slide show about the birds depicted in his quilt and provide pointers on how to identify these species. He will discuss questions such as: How can you tell one nuthatch from another?  How do birds survive the winter snow and cold?  What happened to the Evening Grosbeaks?  What do the different species eat and how do their diets change in winter?  There will be time for Q&A.

After a refreshment break, the afternoon will continue at 2:30 pm with the story behind the creation of The Birds of Winter: A Naturalist’s Quilt.

Ted’s quilt, which will be on display for the afternoon, depicts winter birds in applique incorporating a “realistic stylized” format.  Standing next to his queen-size quilt that he worked on intermittently over a 20-year period, Ted will talk about his process and persistence, from conception to finished execution. He will share stories of his experiences, including two healing journeys in his life that were supported through his work on the quilt.

He will also describe how he found the motivation to complete the quilt a few years ago. The quilt has been displayed at several venues in the Valley and has won several blue ribbons.  This is the first time that Ted will tell his story.

Greening Greenfield is offering a follow-up winter bird walk on the Montague Plains on Saturday, March 9, from 10-12pm, led by naturalists Pat Serrentino and Ted Watt.


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