Why Native Plants Matter to Pollinators and Song Birds     

Wednesday, June 12, 6:30pm - 8:00pm    

1st Congregational Church, 43 Silver St, Greenfield, MA    Refreshments will be served.


Dr. DESIREE L. NARANGO, URBAN WILDLIFE ECOLOGIST, will talk at this free event!       

“I am fascinated with the ways that plants and animals interact with each other, their environment, and with us, and what enables birds and insects to thrive, especially in landscapes altered by humans such as urban yards and forests and farmland,” said Desiree Narango. “There is tremendous opportunity for people to manage their own properties in ways that makes positive impacts on wildlife! In my research, I aim to provide information that will help people make decisions that will help preserve biodiversity in our rapidly changing world, from plants choice for their gardens, to how often they mow their lawns. ”

Dr. Narango grew up in Baltimore City, MD, where her only interactions with the natural world were in her backyard watching squirrels, catching earthworms and climbing dogwood trees. After receiving a B.S. degree in Environmental Biology, she spent 5 years as a traveling field ecologist studying wildlife from the deserts of Arizona to the rainforests of Ecuador.

After visiting all these amazing places, she became aware of how urban development has drastically reduced the quality of habitat for wildlife in our cities and towns. She then became interested in studying how we can improve our urban landscapes to increase biodiversity and involve the public in the process.  

To write her dissertation, Desiree Narango spent countless hours observing chickadees, where they nest and what they eat, and came to some fascinating conclusions, which she will share with us. Her PhD advisor was Dr. Doug Tallamy, entomologist at University of Delaware, and author of the seminal book, Bringing Nature Home, and Dr. Peter Marra, head of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in Washington D.C. She is now a visiting postdoctoral researcher at University of Massachusetts with Dr. Susannah Lerman of the US Forest Service.

“We are fortunate that Desiree is now a visiting research scientist at UMass,” Said Nancy Hazard of Greening Greenfield, “and that she is eager to share what she has learned with homeowners, land managers and conservationists. We have much to learn from her message of ‘native, native, native’ and why plant identity matters as we think about what we want to plant to support pollinators, and build biodiversity and beauty in Greenfield.”

This talk is the third in Greening Greenfield’s campaign called, Planting for Pollinators! Let’s build biodiversity and beauty in Greenfield. To find out more about their campaign go to their web site at www.GreeningGreenfieldMA.org or call 774-5667.

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