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Focus on Youth

Join us: Click for Our approach to working with youth. If you are interested in working with us or volunteering in Greenfield's schools, please send us a note or email the volunteer coordinator for the Greenfield Public Schools.

Water Unit  NEW in 2015-6 & continuing!. Inspired by the Connecticut River Watershed Council's (CRWC) work with 5th graders in Holyoke and a grant to Franklin Regional Council of Governemnts (FRGOG) on water management, GG is working wiht Greenfield 5th grade teachers and students on water and the principles of sustainability. More

2016 Science & Sustainability Expo: 5th annual event to be held March 22, 9am-2:15pm - it is FREE! Learn more -- SORRY CANCELLED - but NEW list of great teaacher resources!

2015 YOUTH PROGRAM - FREE workshops for teachers, educators and - our fourth annual Science & Sustainability Expo March 7. Workshops offered: KidWind Challenge and Dream Green Living

2014 Science & Sustainability Expo - 3rd annual event was held March 1, 9am-3:30pm 


2013 Science & Sustainability Expo-2nd Annual held Sat, April 13 - click here for how 35 exhibits wowed attendees, and click here for a list of Green Dollhouse and Showcase exhibits and KidWind entrants and prizes. click for 2013 S&S Expo photos 

2012 Science & Sustainability Expo - First ever - held held Sat, May 5, 2012. Click for full story of Inspiration in Action: KidWind Challenge, Green Dollhouse Challenge & Educational Projects Showcased - 4th-12th grade Educators and Home Schoolers.. more photos...and in the news

2010 - Recycling Toters - Painting Project

2009 - Center School 6th graders survey people on the street in Greenfield about their awareness of climate change and the Greenfield 10% Challenge. They make graphs and presentations about their findings. 

2009 & 2010 Empowering Students to Seek Climate Change Solutions, Greenfield Middle School, Expanded Learning Time (ELT) program.