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Green Energy Resources

Green Energy Resources


  • Greenfield recycling: A Resident’s Guide & Types of paper to recycle

  • To find out more about FREE energy audits, up to $2000 in rebates and 0% interest loans from utility companies, and up to $1500 in tax credits click here.

  • Install energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs

  • Practice fuel efficient driving strategies

  • Purchase ENERGYSTAR products and appliances

  • Invest in Renewable energy. Up to 75% off solar electric (photovoltaic) panels if you use Massachusetts rebates and tax credits. Rebates and other programs for solar hot water also make these a bargain today. More information: How To Invest in Solar Energy. Easy Things To Do.

Buy Green Energy

Everyone in the USA can invest in green electricity. In Greenfield you can do this by investing in the New England Wind Fund.  Go to Website.


Contact us by email to schedule a presentation about the Greenfield 10% Challenge and help Greenfield fight climate change while YOU SAVE $$! Greening Greenfield Energy Committee members will come to a meeting of your group or organization (e.g., your school, faith community, business, community organization, neighborhood or social group), and present information about how to reduce your impact on climate change, while you save energy and save money. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.