According to the Greenfield Energy Audit, in 2008 the lighting, heating and cooling of our homes accounted for 34% of the energy we used, 33% of our climate change emissions, and 33% of the money we spent on energy.

It is commonly accepted that our homes are incredibly inefficient, and that we could reduce our energy use by up to 70% by doing energy upgrades to our homes (air sealing, insulating, and uprading our heating and cooling systems), upgrading our appliances to more energy efficient appliances, and turning off lights and appliances that we are not using. These energy savings would translate unto several hundred, or even several thousand dollars saved on utility bills each year.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy And Climate Plan for 2020 calls for a 9.8% reduction of climate change emissions from buildings.

Find the $$ to do an energy upgrade to your home.

Greenfield has a cutting-edge program called Energy Smart Homes. Massachusetts has one of the most progressive programs in the country. Everyone is eligible for a FREE energy assessment, and there is $2000-$25,000 per home or appartment for energy upgrades, but finding the right source of funding can be complicated, and take some time. To contact Energy Smart Homes right now, click here, or call them at 413-772-1389



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