Wed. January 25, 6:30 pm, Greenfield Public Library

Are you concerned about the health of our oceans and what you can do about it? Come see and discuss the inspiration film, A Sea Change. Free film - Free refreshments - Donations requested


A Sea Change broadens the discussion about the dramatic changes we are seeing in the chemistry of the oceans, and conveys the urgent threat those changes pose to our survival, while surveying the steps we can take to reduce the severity of climate change.  A Sea Change is both a personal journey and a scientifically rigorous, sometimes humorous, unflinchingly honest look at reality.

“It tells the story through the observant teaching of a grandfather, Sven Huseby, explaining to his eldest grandchild, Elias, what is happening to the oceans and their ecosystems,” said Dorothy McIver, member of the Film Committee. “I found it very moving and hopeful,” said Bill Gran, another member of the Film Committee, “because it offers positive examples of new technologies and effective changes in human behavior that we all must choose before the oceans are lost.

The film documents, in easy to understand vignettes, how the pH balance of the oceans has changed dramatically since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution: a 30% increase in acidification.  “This is a great film for families with children fourth grade and up”, said McIver. “Our hope is that area schools may want to borrow it from us to show in classrooms as they explore the health of ocean life.”

With near unanimity, scientists now agree that the burning of fossil fuels is fundamentally reshaping ocean chemistry. Experts predict that over the next century, steady increases in carbon dioxide emissions and the continued rise in the acidity of the oceans will cause most of the world's fisheries to experience a total bottom-up collapse--a state that could last for millions of years.

The film is being offered by Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC) and Transition Town Greenfield. . GGEC uses ‘greening’ as the economic and inspirational engine to build a sustainable Greenfield so current, and future generations can live in this beautiful valley. Transition Town Greenfield (TTG) is a member of the vibrant international grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis.

GGEC and TTG are offering a 4-film series from January-April that aims to address the question: How can we as a community prepare for and even celebrate the changes we need to make as we come to the end of cheap energy?

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