Wed. February 22, 6:30 pm, Greenfield Public Library

Free film - Free refreshments - Donations requested.

Do you  consider yourself a conservative or a liberal?  Do you believe in climate change or not?  Are you for or against wind turbines, solar farms, or nuclear power?  The makers of the film, Carbon Nation, don’t care. They claim

we are not a polarized country, as many on TV will tell us, and many in Washington play out. Rather, there is great consensus among a large and varied group of Americans: renewable energy sources and using less energy are great ideas – whether to boost the economy, increase national and energy security and promote health and a clean environment.

Carbon Nation , the climate change solutions movie that has played in mainline theaters across the country will now be shown on Wed. Feb 22nd at 6:30 at the Greenfield Public Library Community Room, sponsored by Greening Greenfield Energy Committee and Transition Towns Greenfield. It’s an optimistic, non-preachy, non-partisan, big tent film that celebrates solutions, inspiration and action, making it appealing across the political spectrum.  More than that, it's a film about solutions that will make every-day Americans more financially secure. So, they can get behind action on emissions even if they don't believe that climate change is a big problem or that people are causing it — as, the movie tells us, a third of Americans still do. So if you doubt the severity of the impact of climate change or just don't buy it at all, this is still a compelling and relevant film that illustrates how SOLUTIONS to climate change can address  our most imperative issues facing us today.

You'll meet a host of entertaining and endearing characters along the way. One, a biochemical engineer, says ““So if you don’t give a damn about the environment, do it because you’re a greedy bastard and you just want cheap power.”   An Army Colonel observes “Climate change in fact is a national security issue. This is no longer the purview of Birkenstock-wearing tree huggers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

The film will be followed by a discussion. GGEC uses ‘greening’ as the economic and inspirational engine to build a sustainable Greenfield so current, and future generations can live in this beautiful valley. Transition Town Greenfield (TTG) is a member of the vibrant international grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis. GGEC and TTG are also offering a 4-film series from January-April that aims to address the question: How can we as a community prepare for and even celebrate the changes we need to make as we come to the end of cheap energy?

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