Where the Wild Things Are: Native Plants for Pollinators talk:

Dan Jaffe Wilder, horticulturalist, landscaper and photographer, shares his passion for planting native.

This is a lively presentation for a broad audience of garden and nature lovers. Dan asks thought provoking questions about pollinators and what they need, and reveals how some native plants are more important than others in our ecosystem. For the gardener, he gives specific suggestions, with great photos, of plants that add beauty, support pollinators and birds, and often feed us. While he focuses primarily on herbaceous plants, he does not neglect trees and shrubs. This 1-hour talk was boiled down from a 6-hour series he offered. His work is primarily based on Doug Tallamy’s work.

Dan gave this talk to the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust last summer. Last week they shared their excitement that they received funds to help with the creation of a pollinator garden at their headquarters at the Skyfields Arboretum from Hollis Declan Leverett Memorial Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee.


Kiss the Ground movie:

We invite you to dig deeper and explore how building soil health helps reduce the climate crisis by sequestering carbon. When gardens are diverse and multi-layered, with perennial roots nourishing soil life for much of the year, the complex web of roots and microorganisms that is the soil food web will thrive and begin to increase the amount of carbon in the soil. In this film, you will visit beautiful farms that practice regenerative agriculture while sequestering carbon on a large scale.



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