Native habitat everywhere!

Generate enthusiasm for our vision
through education and community events.

The climate and biodiversity crisis is upon us.  Nurturing diverse
native habitats is crucial to sustaining life on earth.

Quotes From Scientists:

  • Pollinators are essential to the continued existence of 80% of all plants and 90% of flowering plants, Doug Tallamy, entomologist, author, andcreator of the Homegrown National Park initiative.

  • Butterflies are like the canary in the coal mine when it comes to our ecosystem. A healthy butterfly population speaks volumes for the overall health of the local environment, Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, biologist, author, and founder of the North American Butterfly Association.

  • Insects are the little things that run the world." "If insect populations collapsed, life as we know it would not exist." E. O. Wilson, renowned biologist and Pulitzer-prize winning author.

  • A shocking headline in the New York Times: We have lost 2 billion Birds since 1970. That is almost one-third of all birds! 96% of them need insects to survive! Report: Decline of the North American Avifauna, 2019.

  • Climate emergency and the crisis facing nature and wildlife are two sides of the same coinThe Wyss Campaign for Nature, aka 30x30 challenges us to conserve 30% of our planet by 2030, and makes the connection between biodiversity and climate crises.


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