Land use decisions are perhaps the most important decisions that will affect our ability to create a sustainable future! Plans can make our communities walkable, so as to reduce the need for transportation. Land use plans also preserve farmland, open space for wildlife habitat and recreation, and enable us to have clean water and clean air. Land use plans also help us decide where to put commercial businesses, and where to put residences, and how densly they should be placed. In short, these plans are critical to our quality of life, and our survival. The term Smart Growth is often used by planners to describe a land use plan that takes sustainability into consideration. Land Use is always the first chapter of a Town’s Master Plan.

Regionally, the Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) is responsible for making recommendations. They often collaborate with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC).

  • In 2006 the PVPC and FRCOG collaborated on the Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Plan (PVCEP)

  • In 2008, PVPC launched the Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network to facilitate partnerships among the many organizations working on sustainability issues.

  • In 2011, both FRCOG and PVPC received HUD grants to create sustainability plans for their regions. In 2012, there was a public input process. The plans will be published in 2013. 

  • FRCOG and PVPC are also involved in many other plans such as transportation plans for the region. 

Greenfield Master Plan:

A master plan is an important document that reflects the wishes of the community, and provides guidance to elected officials. The most recent master plan for Greenfield was drawn up in 2000. In 2012 the town secured funds to create a "Sustainable Master Plan" for Greenfield! To follow progress on this project, look at the planning office site at the Town of Greenfield.

Greenfield Urban Renewal Plan:

Most recently, in 2008, the Greenfield Redevelopment Authority produced an Urban Renewable Plan. This plan focuses on Bank Row and Olive Street, as well as the many upper stories of several buildings along Main Street.

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