NEWS of progress toward our goal

UN Climate report: ‘Atlas of human suffering worse.’ (Recorder 3/1/2022)

Lawmakers detail state’s climate goals (Recorder 2/21/2022)

What about dressing local? Walking Cloud Farm in Buckland (Recorder 2/16/2022)

FirstLight joins 24/7 Carbon Free Compact  (Recorder 02/22/22)

The e-waste apocalypse (Recorder/E-Magazine EarthTalk 2/14/2022)

Climate Change Threatens Winter Weather (Recorder 02/01/22)

Pressing for more impact on FirstLight Relicensing  (Recorder 01/21/2022)


VOICES:  People Speak Out! 

Natural Gas Moratorium -- Blessing or Curse by Nancy Hazard (Recorder 02/23/22

Balancing the Needs of People and the River by Louise Amyot ( Recorder 2/2/2022)

Keeping Rooftop Solar Alive by Joanna Newmann (Recorder 1/24/2022)

A time to Take Stock-2021 by Carl Doener (Recorder 1/18/2022)


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