UN Climate report: ‘Atlas of human suffering worse.'(Recorder 3/1/2022)

Lawmakers detail state’s climate goals (Recorder 2/21/2022)

Climate Change Threatens Winter Weather (Recorder 02/01/22)

Pressing for more impact on FirstLight Relicensing  (Recorder 01/21/2022)

What about dressing local? Walking Cloud Farm in Buckland (Recorder 2/16/2022)

FirstLight joins 24/7 Carbon Free Compact  (Recorder 02/22/22)

The e-waste apocalypse (Recorder/E-Magazine EarthTalk 2/14/2022)

Climate Change Threatens Winter Weather (Recorder 02/01/22)

Pressing for more impact on FirstLight Relicensing  (Recorder 01/21/2022)

Balanced Forests – Wilderness & Managed Forests (Recorder 11/11/2021)

Plan to Cut Methane – a powerful Greenhouse Gas (Recorder 11/3/2021)

Council Supports Hope Street Housing Idea (Recorder 10/27/2021)

Greenhouse Gases at New Levels (Recorder 10/26/2021

Greening Greenfield Held Workshop to Create Gardens for Insects (Recorder 10/4/2021)

Pollinator & Stormwater -New Plans from FRCOG (Recorder 9/29/2021)

Award for CDC Food Processing Center “An unbelievable organization” (Recorder 9/29/2021)

Residents cite housing as top priority for downtown (Recorder 9/25/2021)

Skate Park grant received (Recorder 9/23/2021)

Fiske Ave improvements celebration (Recorder 9/23/2021)

Legislators air state’s climate police at Energy Park (Recorder 9/20/2021)

UN - Code red on climate (Recorder 8/10/2021)

Environmental Science Club launches ‘Cooler Communities’ – Pledge today! (Recorder 6/12/2021)

Interfaith Group Helping with Housing (Recorder 6/11/2021)

Envisioning a Vibrant Downtown (Recorder 5/29/2021)

Committee Aims to Reverse Tree Loss in Greenfield (Recorder 5/28/2021)

Shrinking the Lawn for Pollinators (Recorder 5/18/2021)

Persistence Key to Housing Solutions (Recorder 5/7/2021)

Taxi Program to help Workers (Recorder 4/19/2021)

Forums on Right to have Housing (Recorder 3/26/2021)

MA Plan for Zero Emissions by 2050 (Recorder 1/1/2021)

Northampton City Council OKs new plastics regs for restaurants, retail businesses (Daily Hampshire Gazette 01/23/2021)

$1 million grant ‘Improving Housing to Improve Health’ (IH2) (Recorder 11/23/2020)

GCC’s economic impact on the region-study results (Recorder 11/20/2020)

Literacy Project gets students on line – laptops and more! (Recorder 11/16/2020)

Some‘Magical’ times during COVID-19 (Domenic Poli, Recorder,11/14/2020)

Dam relicensing seen as an opportunity (Recorder 11/13/2020)

Starting the Conversation – confronting racism (Recorder 10/22/2020)

The pleasure and value of our street trees (Recorder 10/20/2020)

Tackling institutional racism – grant CDC/FRCOG/FC Chamber (Recorder 10/14/2020)

Compost co-op – rebuilding lives (Recorder 9/19/2020)

Neighbor to Neighbor project seeks to fill voids made by health crisis (Recorder 3/24/2020)

Research scientist to speak on attracting pollinators, songbirds (Recorder 3/5/2020) - Check out video of her talk on GG's website

FRTA receives $278k state grant – new buses or workers (Recorder 2/28/2020)

Youth Rise Together: Teens Unite to resist hate, create change (Recorder special section 2/27/2020)

Community Preservation Act on Greenfield’s November ballot (Recorder 2/25/2020)

$100k grant allows creating of 'Just Compost' (Recorder 2/20/2020)

Greening Greenfield holding retreat on designing native habitats (Recorder 2/19/2020)

Group gets 1.5M for climate change projects – Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership (Recorder 2/13/2020)

Move toward ‘electrification’ topic of new Four Rivers documentary – Key strategy to cut climate change emissions (Recorder 2/12/2020) 

Research Scientist to speak in Greenfield on Relationship between native bees, trees  (Recorder 2/3/2020)

Frontier junior leads Green New Deal launch party (Recorder 2/1/2020)  

Wilson's Department Store to close after 137 years Anita Fritz (Recorder 11/26/2019)
Climate activists not satisfied with Beacon Hill Colin A. Young (Recorder 11/26/2019)

State House hearing on glyphosate draws local testimony Maureen O'Reilly (Recorder 11/14/2019)

Wendall Forest Alliance to meet with AG's office (Recorder 11/14/2019)

Energy Department compiles 'building dashboard' Melina Bourdeau, (Recorder 11/14/2019)

REFERENDUM Question 1:  City to get new library Melina Bourdeau and Domenic Poli (Recorder 11/06/2019)

FRTA adds new service through mobile app (Recorder 10/01/2019)

Source to Sea Volunteers Clean the Green River (Recorder 09/30/2019)

Broken tiles pieced together by community (Recorder 09/25/2019)

We Need Action Now! (Recorder 09/21/2019)

Activists to demand climate action through Friday rallies: [Recorder 9/18/2019).  Local activists will bring attention to climate change and urge governmental action on Friday as part of the Global Climate Action Rally.

Rep. Finn learns Greenfield’s successful energy initiatives during tour (Recorder 5/20/2019) sity - Overview: [Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), 5/6/2019]

A Pollinator Corridor for Greenfield? (Recorder 4/19/2019) Greening Greenfield event: Sat. April 20, 1-4pm, at the John Zon Community Center, 35 Pleasant St, Greenfield

McGovern talks about his  successes as chair of the House Rules Committee, (Recorder 3/22/2019) The ‘traffic cop of legislation’ and his priorities: New rules allow amendments to foster open debate: Creation of the House Select Committee on the Climate crisis, co-sponsorship of Green New Deal, & For the People Act (HR1), which strengthens voting rights and eliminates influence of ‘dark money’.

Council votes for new library & development on French King Highway (Recorder 3/20/2019)

Greening Greenfield kicks off campaign to save pollinators (Recorder 3/12/2019) Planting for Pollinator! Let’s build biodiversity and beauty in Greenfield aims to build habitat for insects. Einstein said ‘if the bee disappeared, man would have only four years left to live.”

It's 2050 And This Is How We Stopped Climate Change (National Public Radio, 3/11/2019)

Big Brothers and Big Sisters usher in a new era (Recorder 3/7/2019) New partnership with John Zon Community Center offers youngsters and seniors grandchild & grandparent-type connections.

Concerned nurses to meet over psych unit move (Recorder 2/26/2019) Baystate Franklin Medical Center proposes to move psych services from Greenfield area, Westfield and Palmer to Holyoke, and be run by a for-profit company US HealthVest. Rep. Paul Mark and City Councilor Gilmore and nurses join to keep services local.

Creating a new model for doing business (Recorder 2/22/2019) The common goal of fostering economic development to create jobs and lower taxes was found, and both the Library and change in zoning were passed.

Naturalist to discuss winter birds and his quilt (Recorder 2/20/2019) Ted Watt talks about winter birds and his 20-year quilt-making project. Event organized by Greening Greenfield  

Fledgling compost rebuilding lives, nourishing soil (Recorder 2/20/2019) Franklin County Compost Cooperative give former Franklin County House of correction inmates a chance to run their own business and support our planet.

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn (The Intercept, 2/13/2019)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Releases Green New Deal Outline  (New England Public Radio 2/7/2019)

FirstLight requests relicensing change (Recorder 1/11/2019)

Senate President Spilka makes climate change priority (Recorder 1/10/2019)

Beekeeper display sweetens Greenfield’s newest pocket Park  (Recorder 1/7/2019)

Planting for butterflies and pollinators a worthy New Year’s resolution (Recorder 1/5/2019)

McGovern outlines plans as chairman of rules committee (Recorder, 1/5/2019)

100% locally-produced renewable power – from Greenfield Light & Power (News Release 12/20/2018)

Support runs high for library (Recorder 12/14/2018)

Climate check: Global carbon pollution has largest rise in 7 years (Recorder 12/24/2018)

Eversource installs 8 EV charging stations in Greenfield (Channel 22, 12/14/2018)

Study: Deerfield St. plans should include flood risks (Recorder 12/14/2018)

Working on hot-button issues-Continuing the Political Revolution (Recorder 11/16/2018)

Greenfield garage opens, with promise of boost to downtown (Recorder 11/6/2018

Greenfield and Montague to get 1,000 trees through grant program (Recorder 11/2/2018)

Planting Trees, Planting Love (8/13/2018, Pat Leuchtman, Recorder)

Greenfield Could Receive Millions in Economic Boost from $1.5B House Bill
  (8/2/2018, Dan Desrouchers, Recorder)

Capitalism Killed our Climate Momentum, Not "Human Nature"
  (8/3/2018, Naomi Kline, The Intercept)

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change
  (8/1/2018, Nathaniel Rich, New York Times)

Compromise Energy Bill Criticized as Too Weak  (7/31/2018, Richie Davis, Recorder)

33 of 35 County Schools Actively Composting
 (7/13/2018, Richie Davis, Recorder)

Sandri partners with nonprofit to offset effects of carbon dioxide
 (6/28/2918, Recorder)

Wendell to Have First Ever Community Solar Array In the State  (6/27/2018, David McLellan, The Recorder)

Politics of warming part of culture wars
 (6/21/2018, Recorder)

Composting before kindergarten in Greenfield
 (6/2/2018, Recorder, Between the Rows) 

Green groups want Greenfield to use renewable energy. Resolution asks city to completely transition off fossul fuels
 (6/20/2018 Recorder)

100% Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuel Free
 (5/20/2018 proposed resolution for Greenfield City Council’s consideration. Hopefully on June 20 Council agenda.)

Panel: ‘Moving toward a Fossil Fuel Free Future.’ Eric Twarog and Carole Collins to talk (5/14/2018 Recorder)

California Just Became First State to Mandate Solar Panels on New Homes (5/9/2018 InsideClimate News) 

Why Weakening Fuel Efficiency Standards Could Be Trump's Most Climate-Damaging Move Yet (5/2/2018 InsideClimate News)

Four Rivers students tout civic engagement (5/5/2018 Recorder, by Joshua Solomon).  Report on A Better World Day. In addition to 4 Rivers students, Mahar, NMH, Springfield public school students and more attended. Greening Greenfield co-sponsored.

Between the Rows: Greenfield Energy Park a true community effort  (5/5/2018 Recorder by Pat Leuchtman)

To See Offshore Wind Energy’s Future, Look on Shore – in Massachusetts  (4/9/2018 InsideClimate News)

Panel to discuss natural gas leaks in Greenfield Today (GG event) – (Recorder 10/16/2017)

Full reportReport Summary with recommendations, Letter from Berkshire Gas, Dr. Marty Nathan presentation (Natural Gas meeting information)

Fifth-graders help Source to Sea Cleanup– Recorder 9/23/2017

Fifth-graders work the Green River Cleanup – Recorder 9/20/2017

GMS Students raise $ for clean water in Sudan-Book opens eyes (5/9/2017 Recorder)

Student inspires right to vote for 16 & 17 year olds in Shelburne Town Meeting (5/4/2017 Recorder)




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