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Planting Trees, Planting Love (8/13/2018, Pat Leuchtman, Recorder)

Greenfield Could Receive Millions in Economic Boost from $1.5B House Bill
  (8/2/2018, Dan Desrouchers, Recorder)

Capitalism Killed our Climate Momentum, Not "Human Nature"
  (8/3/2018, Naomi Kline, The Intercept)

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change
  (8/1/2018, Nathaniel Rich, New York Times)

Compromise Energy Bill Criticized as Too Weak  (7/31/2018, Richie Davis, Recorder)

33 of 35 County Schools Actively Composting
 (7/13/2018, Richie Davis, Recorder)

Sandri partners with nonprofit to offset effects of carbon dioxide
 (6/28/2918, Recorder)

Wendell to Have First Ever Community Solar Array In the State  (6/27/2018, David McLellan, The Recorder)

Politics of warming part of culture wars
 (6/21/2018, Recorder)

Composting before kindergarten in Greenfield
 (6/2/2018, Recorder, Between the Rows) 

Green groups want Greenfield to use renewable energy. Resolution asks city to completely transition off fossul fuels
 (6/20/2018 Recorder)

100% Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuel Free
 (5/20/2018 proposed resolution for Greenfield City Council’s consideration. Hopefully on June 20 Council agenda.)

Panel: ‘Moving toward a Fossil Fuel Free Future.’ Eric Twarog and Carole Collins to talk
 (5/14/2018 Recorder)

California Just Became First State to Mandate Solar Panels on New Homes (5/9/2018 InsideClimate News) 

Why Weakening Fuel Efficiency Standards Could Be Trump's Most Climate-Damaging Move Yet
 (5/2/2018 InsideClimate News)

Four Rivers students tout civic engagement (5/5/2018 Recorder, by Joshua Solomon).  Report on A Better World Day. In addition to 4 Rivers students, Mahar, NMH, Springfield public school students and more attended. Greening Greenfield co-sponsored.

Between the Rows: Greenfield Energy Park a true community effort
  (5/5/2018 Recorder by Pat Leuchtman)

To See Offshore Wind Energy’s Future, Look on Shore – in Massachusetts  (4/9/2018 InsideClimate News)

Panel to discuss natural gas leaks in Greenfield Today (GG event) – (Recorder 10/16/2017)

Natural Gas meeting information: Full reportReport Summary with recommendations, Letter from Berkshire Gas, Dr. Marty Nathan presentation

Fifth-graders help Source to Sea Cleanup– Recorder 9/23/2017

Fifth-graders work the Green River Cleanup – Recorder 9/20/2017

GMS Students raise $ for clean water in Sudan-Book opens eyes (5/9/2017 Recorder)

Student inspires right to vote for 16 & 17 year olds in Shelburne Town Meeting (5/4/2017 Recorder)





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