Organizations That Greenfield Belongs to, and/or that the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee has found helpful…

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability. Cities for Climate Protection program and more

In 2007 Greenfield joined this international organization and signed on to the Cities for Climate Protection program. This program is written for to help town governments take a leadership role in moving their community toward sustainability. The process of drafting an Action Plan starts with doing an inventory of our energy use, which we completed in 2009. The next steps are to establish goals, which we also did in 2009, then asses what is possible, set annual milestones, and measure our progress toward our goals, which will probably take place when we update our Master Plan. The ICLEI web site has many success stories from around the world, and publishes new resources all the time. Recent publications include the Sustainability Planning Tool Kit, which is designed as a guide for Town Master Planning, and the STAR Community Index. go to website

Transition Towns is a movement started in the UK by Rob Hopkins.

This program has a grassroots perspective. Greenfield became an affilliate in 2010. They have an excellent easy-to-read “how to” manual written by Rob called The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, 2006, and many new resources. The Handbook includes a short problem statement, folowed by a substantial discussion about the process of change in individuals and society, a 12-step action plan, and an example of one-year in one-town in the UK. Web site for towns around the world (mostly Europe) to share their experiences. go to website. There is also a US web site.

MCAN Massachusetts Climate Action Network

MCAN hosts an annual conference for citizens and government folks involved in addressing the climate change crisis in their community. They foster networking and legislative action. Their web site offers links to other MCAN communities and organzing tools. GGEC joined in 2007. go to website

Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

In 2006 Mayor Forgey signed this agreement. To find out more, and what other cities are doing go to or

EPA Community Energy Challenge

EPA challenges communities to pledge to lower their carbon emissions from buildings by 10%. Excellent on-line tool (Portfolio Manager) for towns to benchmark and track building energy savings. Greenfield joined in 2010. go to website

David Gershon & The Empowerment Institute

Has several “Handbooks” to help people move to more sustainable lifestyles. Greening Greenfield has used the Low Carbon Diet, 80pp on how to lose 5,000 pounds (of carbon) in 30 days. Also available is the Green Living Handbook, 2007 150pp. and The Livable Neighborhood, 2000. go to website

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