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MA has some of the most progressive legislation in the nation. In 2008 five Acts were passed that set the stage.

The Global Warming Solutions Act set the goal of reducing our climate change emissions by 80% by 2050. Following are studies and reports that have been published to help us achieve that goal.

MA Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020, published in 2010

MA Climate Change Adaptation Report, published in 2011


Rising to the Challenge: Assessing MA response to the Challenge of Climate Change, by MassINC, 2012



- Communities: The Green Commuities Act and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Intitiative aim to incentivise communities to reduce their energy use and support 'green' energy by offering financial assistance.

- Residents: MA offers more financial support to residents than just about any other state. We all pay into a fund via our electric bills. That money is then redistributed by the Mass Save program to help people assess the energy use of their home and to do an energy upgrade if it is needed. Everyone is eligible. If you live in Greenfield, additional home rehab funds are available, and assistance in accessing all these funds are offered through the Energy Smart Homes program. Please contact them here. Other people in MA should go to Mass Save to access funds, unless their community offers support. There are also Mass Save programs for businesses.


Planning agencies in the Pioneer Valley, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) and the Franklin Regional County of Governments (FRCOG), are leaders in the nation in in MA.

2013 coming soon: FRCOG will be releasing a Regional Sustainability Plan, and PVPC will be releaseing a Climate Action Plan.

2008 – Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Plan

1980 - Renewable Energy Study, U. Mass. (out of print, no electronic version)



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