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Partnering with others is one of our principal action strategies because we are stronger together, and it enables each of us to focus on what we do best. We have worked together on long-term and short-term projects. Clicking on titles below will take you to each of our partner's sites.  If you would like to see more about the work Greening Greenfield has done with each partner, click the on link within text.

Long Term and Unique Partners:

Greenfield Public Schools Focus on our Youth. For many years, Greening Greenfield has had a variety of opportunities to partner with teachers within the Greenfield Public Schools.  We have worked together on projects connected with sustainability. 

City of Greenfield - In 2008, we wrote the Greenfield Energy Audit together, and continue to work in many capacities to foster, support, and promote Town efforts toward sustainability. 

Franklin County Community Development  Corporation – GG engaged the CDC as our fiscal agent in 2010 to help us access funding that has greatly enhanced our development. They have also proven to be a long term partner in a number of projects and events.

Just Roots – a partnership that holds a unique place in GG’s history as a spin-off of our efforts to support locally-grown food, support citizen’s access to land for community gardens, which is now a thriving organization.

Important Intermittent partners:

Community Action

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce

Franklin County Community Health Center

Franklin County Continuing the Revolution

Franklin Regional Council of Governments 

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Tree Committee

League of Women Voters

Racial Justice Rising

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice



Greening Greenfield joins with Racial Justice Rising, FCCPR (Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution) and others in supporting all BLACK LIVES MATTERS vigils and protests!

Racial justice and environmental justice are inseparable. Greening Greenfield, as a group that advocates for the environment and for all things that lead to "Sustainability," understands well that Sustainability must include the concept of Livable Cities and neighborhoods. Cities and neighborhoods must be “livable” for ALL – in more ways than just environmentally. Like many primarily-environmental groups, we at Greening Greenfield are appalled at recent and past events, of police brutality, like the one that led to the murder of George Floyd, and raise our voices in a public statement to condemn racism and violence in their many forms and support Black Lives Matter. We call on everyone to take this moment in history as an opportunity to be seized, and to work together on transformative change that will eliminate inequality, which plagues our society.

Only when there is more equality, more justice, a healthier environment, and vibrant economy for all, can we truly have a world considered Sustainable, since the welfare of each human depends upon the welfare of all living things, and the earth itself.  In recognition of this, we pledge to work with other organizations in Franklin County, in Massachusetts, and throughout the country to develop new approaches to the long-standing problems of our country so that we may create a society that puts the needs of people and the environment above those of corporate growth and the pursuit of profit.


A New Rental Ordinance for Greenfield

Greening Greenfield supports a new Rental Ordinance that will ensure rental units in Greenfield meet health and safety codes. The ordinance is on hold right now, but some version may return to Appointments and Ordinances Committee in the future.  In an effort to make rentals of non-owner-occupied housing safe for tenants, the ordinance would require periodic health inspections of units where there have been repeat problems.  Greenfield will be a Livable City only when it is Livable for ALL of its residents.  


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