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Skip the Mowing This Month

Skip the Mowing This Month

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ggec-logo-60TraprockYouth, Clean Energy and a Future of Hope is the theme for our film series this year- click on the title

In the face of a President who denies a human hand in climate change and who has appointed Cabinet members who agree with his nearsighted agenda, many are experiencing a deep sense of despair. We therefore sought out encouraging and hopeful news, and we found it! In energy production and in the actions of the youth of the world, there is an abundance of events and developments that can bring joy and hope to us all.

Wednesday, October 25 – “Breakthrough in Renewable Energy”
This film explores the newest creative developments in the making and storing of solar and wind energy in use and/or development today in such disparate places as the Netherlands and Abu Dhabi. “While we have been despairing that the USA is withdrawing from the Paris Accord, scientists and engineers have been working on solving today's energy problems. Thanks to their dedication, fossil fuels will soon be obsolete,” says Nancy Hazard, NESEA retiree, and Greening Greenfield member. Claire Chang of The Solar Store of Greenfield will lead the discussion and fill us in on developments close to home.

Wednesday, February 28,  “Voices for the Planet: 10 Short Success Stories”
Several short films of youth leaders will inspire us all as we learn about many creative endeavors that they are taking to address environmental and social dilemmas, some of them local, in their own communities. Their dedication and passion will inspire us all!

Wednesday, March 28, “Earth Guardians”
The evening will include 3 or 4 short films, about a group of youngsters who are suing the federal government for failing to guarantee them a livable planet and future. Led by an Aztec Indian who began his activism when he was just 6 years old, the Earth Guardians have been given a February 2018 court date. This promises to be a dynamic evening.

Wednesday, April 25, “Landfill Harmonics”
Landfill Harmonics is the story of a youth orchestra that was born out of a landfill, thanks to some creative adults, a dedicated musician, and children determined to bring music into their lives despite their circumstances. The hope and promise found in this story prove that children who are given an opportunity for growth can exceed all expectations, even their own.

WHERE: First Congregational Church, 43 Silver Street, Greenfield. It is handicap accessible. Please park behind the church and come in the back door

 WHEN: 6:30 PM - 9 PM Refreshments are served

Films and refreshments are free. Donations are gratefully accepted 

About the organizers

Greening Greenfield is a group of concerned citizens working with residents, businesses and town government to make Greenfield a more sustainable and vibrant place to live.

The Traprock Center for Peace and Justice works in community to end violence against Earth, her people, and all living things and to support all endeavors to bring about a just world.

Questions? Call 773-5165.

Printable schedule

To make recommendations for films for 2018-2019 season, go to Greening Greenfield’s or Traprock’s web sites, or call (413) 773-5165.


Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Reimagined

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Reimagined

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CT River Hydro Relicensing Updated 05/5/23

CT River Hydro Relicensing Updated 05/5/23

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