2018-100% Renewable Energy and a Fossil-Fuel-Free Future resolution was written and championed by Greening Greenfield. The City Council adopted it in June 2018.

2015 – Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee (SGIC) was created. A GG member sits on the committee. 

2015- Solarize Greenfield– A city-wide initiative made it possible for PV2 Solar to install almost  500 watts of solar panels on residences and businesses at a discounted rate. These panes are saving their owners about half a million dollars a year on their utility bills. 

2014-15 - Sustainable Greenfield, our master plan, was written by residents and adopted by the Town Council. Learn more about the process. Click on the title for the document.

2011-14 – Energy Smart Homes program, a GG/Town program funded by EPA grant, helped residents and businesses find funds to do energy upgrades on their homes. Greenfield’s Department of Energy & Sustainability maintains an up-to-date listings of the latest offerings

2012 - Mayor Martin created Greenfield’s Department of Energy & Sustainability, which has created Greenfield Light & Power, and found grants to reduce energy use overall, and switch from fossil fuels to electricity where possible.

2010- Greenfield received Governor Patrick’s Leading By Example Award for its collaboration with Greening Greenfield on the 10% Challenge.

2010 – Greenfield became a Green Community. We were one of the first in Massachusetts, because we had an Energy Audit, and Greening Greenfield was used as the required energy committee.

2008-Greenfield Energy Audit This collaborative effort inspired Greenfield’s commitment to reduce its energy use and climate change emissions. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it.” Learn more about what we did and commitments made here.










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