People speak out:

Greenfield  councilors need to follow the lead of constituents by Paul Jablon (Recorder 1/5/2019)

To our new state legislators: What can we expect from you? By Ferd Wulkan (Recorder 12/29/2018)

Build affordably with Union workers by Rrank Callahan (Recorder, 12/16/2018)

Let’s build a new library, and fire, dispatch and police stations by Nancy Hazard (Recorder 12/6/2018)

After you make it, reach back to help others by Amy McMahon (Recorder 11/27/2018)

Proposed rule change would undercut efforts to address food insecurity by Christina Maxwell, director of programs at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts (Recorder 11/22/2018)

Young people sue Uncle Sam in the trial of the century by Jan Maher (Recorder 11/20/2018) 

Land use, environmental impact, and local meat by Claire Morenon (Recorder 11/15/2018)

It’s time to stop trash before it starts by Andrea Donlon, Connecticut River Conservancy (Recorder 11/10/2018)

Why should you vote? by Sarah Ahern (Recorder 11/7/2018)

Bernardston Solar Project Could Make the Difference in Saving This Farm Editorial (Recorder 8/10/2018)

Imagine a Brand New Inclusive, Advanced Greenfield Library  by Paul C. Jablon (Recorder 8/9/2018)  

Want a Say on House, Senate Seat Selections?  Vote Sept. 4 by Louise Amyot (Recorder 8/9/2018)

Moving Toward a Nuclear Weapons-free World by Pat Hynes (Recorder 8/7/2018)

The Potential of Greenfield's Downtown by MJ Adams (7/23/2018, Recorder)

Is it already too late?
 by John Bos (6/27/2018, Recorder)  

Eliminating the use of Fossil Fuels
 by Nancy Hazard (6/20/2018, Recorder)

Nothing Guarantees a democracy’s continued existence
 (6/12/2018, Recorder)

Switching To Renewables Will Save Millions of American Lives
 by Deb Haaland (5/7/2018 Huffington Post)

Cold winter doesn’t contradict science of climate change
 by Bill Gran (5/4/2018 Recorder)

Before updating trash collection process, a cost-benefit analysis is long overdue for Greenfield by Mike Pattavina (4/4/2018 Recorder)

Local hydro facilities can, and should, transition to renewable energy by Nancy Hazard (3/15/2018 Recorder)

After the storms: Building our green and clean energy future
 by MA Senator Stan Rosenberg (3/29/2018 Recorder)

‘Drawdown’ offers advice on how individuals can reverse global warming
 by Nancy Hazard (2/26/2018 Recorder)

There’s way more to trees than their beauty
  by Pat Leuchtman (2/3/2018 Recorder Between the Rows)

Greening Greenfield aims to inform public on dangers of gas leaks & next stepsby Carol Letson (Recorder 10/25/17) 

Local governments play a vital role in tackling climate change by Ron Coler (5/13/2017 Recorder)

Simple ways to get informed, involved on climate change by Leigh Youngblood (5/15/2017 Recorder)

Applauding area teens for getting towns to lower voting age (5/11/2017 Recorder editorial)

100% Renewables means vibrant economy and healthy planet by Nancy Hazard (5/9/2017 Recorder)





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