In 2014, we partnered with Greenfield Schools and Amy Donovan at the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District (FCSWMD) in an effort to bring Composting to Greenfield’s schools.

In 2016 we secured a grant from the DEP to start the process, and after three years of effort, today, all of our schools send compostable materials from their cafeterias to Martin's Farm.

In 2019, when the grant was completed, we awarded a mini-grant to make sure the schools could still get a little more help from Amy when needed.

Due to these efforts, each month 5 Tons of food and paper waste do not go into the trash!

Kudos to Amy Donovan, Superintendent Jordana Harper, and all the school principals, teachers and students for their efforts!

We are hopeful that students now have the habit of recycling and composting that they will carry forward in their lives.   



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