Gardens @ GMS project has begun.

On Friday afternoon, November 6, 2020, Jayme Winell, English Language Learner (ELL)Teacher and new Garden Club coordinator at GMS, gathered a dozen or so students, a couple teachers, parent with special 5-year-old participant, a couple GG volunteers and, special volunteer, principal Lynn Dole, to kick off a project aimed to create a more pollinator-friendly environment on the school grounds.

Everyone worked together to take the first step in the plan. Two previously developed raised beds on the north side of the GMS building were raked clear of leaves, measured out and planted with garlic and herbs. Several of the students also cleared the area on the front side of the building to plant tulips around the brick Greenfield Middle School sign. The students were very enthusiastic and hard workers. Each were provided plants to take home to nurture and grow on their own. 

Gardens @ GMS is looking to YOU for ideas, input and inspirations. We have a small amount of funding to put towards plants and infrastructure. What should we do?  Bring your ideas and join us

         The beds were cleared of leaves and debris. . .                        charted out for planting . . .

GMS Garden Club JW 2           IMG 1360          IMG 1393


Planted with 75 garlic cloves (that will turn into garlic plants), 2 oregano plants, 1 sage plant and 1 thyme plant. . . 

 GMS Garden Club JW 3   . . . covered with straw

                                . . . and, Voila! ready to withstand the cold winter months!   

                                                                                                                                     IMG 1369



Around the school marquee in the front of the building:   

  30 purple and 30 yellow tulips were also planted. 



At the end of the afternoon, each student took home: 

     1 mint plant

     A small cup with Mother of Millions (several little plants in each)

     1 Pothos plant (the dangly one)

     Ms. Winell's expressed her enthusiasm and exhileration to her students the following day:  "Really, yesterday made my heart sing in so many ways and I was so IMPRESSED with all of you students. I cannot wait to see what we will dream up next.“


And then came Summer! 

Herb and flowers galore      Many many tomatoes under there    Strawberries  Watermelons

Harvest included many herbs, husk cherries by the fistful, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, watermelons. . . and more!!!!!


 And by October, everyone was gathering weekly once again to create new planting journals, to harvest, clear and plant.


Planting journals    Husk cherries     Separating seeds     Wow a 4 leaf clover

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